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Rajasthan 2018

Election Summary

Total number of constituencies analyzed 200
Total candidates analyzed by NEW 2246
Candidates with declared criminal cases 338(15%)
Candidates with declared serious criminal cases 210(9%)
Crorepati candidates 615(27%)
Candidates who are graduate or above 977 (43%)
Candidates who have not declared PAN 258 (11%)
Total women candidates 184 (8%)
Total candidates who have filed ITR 1253 (56%)
Total winners analyzed by NEW 200
Winners with declared criminal cases 46 (23%)
Winners with declared serious criminal cases 28 (14%)
Crorepati winners 159 (80%)
Winners who are graduate or above 130 (65%)
Winners who have not declared PAN 3 (2%)
Total women winners 24 (12%)
Total winners who have filed ITR 176 (88%)

Crorepati candidates

Sno Candidate Constituency ∇ Party Criminal Case Education Total Assets Liabilities
1Shubhkaran ChoudharyUDAIPURWATI BJP 5 12th Pass Rs 13,44,05,175
~ 13 Crore+
Rs 71,92,005
~ 71 Lacs+
2Udai Lal DangiVALLABNAGAR BJP 10 8th Pass Rs 9,21,71,965
~ 9 Crore+
Rs 76,31,828
~ 76 Lacs+
3Gajendra Singh ShaktawatVALLABNAGAR INC 0 Graduate Rs 5,90,12,892
~ 5 Crore+
Rs 27,13,874
~ 27 Lacs+
4M. Randhir SinghVALLABNAGAR Janta Sena Rajasthan 0 Graduate Rs 2,79,83,576
~ 2 Crore+
Rs 73,33,867
~ 73 Lacs+
5Sitaram AgarwalVIDHYADHAR NAGAR INC 0 12th Pass Rs 30,30,31,020
~ 30 Crore+
Rs 1,35,05,950
~ 1 Crore+
6Vikram Singh ShekhawatVIDHYADHAR NAGAR IND 0 Post Graduate Rs 3,50,26,807
~ 3 Crore+
Rs 33,86,360
~ 33 Lacs+
7Pawan Kumar GoyalVIDHYADHAR NAGAR Bharat Vahini Party 3 Graduate Professional Rs 2,05,38,262
~ 2 Crore+
Rs 1,08,18,150
~ 1 Crore+
8Narpat Singh RajviVIDHYADHAR NAGAR BJP 0 Post Graduate Rs 16,06,44,492
~ 16 Crore+
Rs 10,49,212
~ 10 Lacs+
9Ratna KumariVIRATNAGAR IND 0 Post Graduate Rs 76,86,18,170
~ 76 Crore+
Rs 26,60,29,939
~ 26 Crore+
10Subhash Chandra SharmaVIRATNAGAR IND 0 10th Pass Rs 61,35,703
~ 61 Lacs+
11Kanhaiya LalVIRATNAGAR IND 1 12th Pass Rs 4,85,00,000
~ 4 Crore+
Rs 0
12Dr. Phoolchand BhindaVIRATNAGAR BJP 0 Doctorate Rs 1,50,55,404
~ 1 Crore+
Rs 9,12,759
~ 9 Lacs+
13Pushkar Kumar SharmaVIRATNAGAR AAP 0 Literate Rs 4,97,03,114
~ 4 Crore+
Rs 2,04,62,696
~ 2 Crore+
14Raghuveer Prasad MeenaVIRATNAGAR IND 0 Post Graduate Rs 19,14,75,000
~ 19 Crore+
Rs 5,50,00,000
~ 5 Crore+
15Bhajan Lal JatavWEIR (SC) INC 1 10th Pass Rs 1,83,45,703
~ 1 Crore+
Rs 0

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