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 Income-Expenditure Statement
Financial Year : 2006-07

All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF)

Financial Year : 2006-07

Type : State Party
State in which Registered: Assam
Address : No.3 Friends Path Hatigaon, Guwahati-781038 (Assam).
Income-Expenditure Statement of other Years :

 Balance Sheet

Office FurnitureRs. 0.60 Lacs
Office FittingsRs. 0.28 Lacs
Electirc & Office Equipments Rs. 0.06 Lacs
ComputerRs. 0.14 Lacs
Tata SumoRs. 4.30 Lacs
Security for Office Premises- Rs. 0.25 Lacs
Contribution ReceivableRs. 0.15 Lacs
Staff AdvancesRs. 0.12 Lacs
Stationery in HandRs. 0.21 Lacs
Advances to- Aerotech Aerospace Services (P) Ltd.0
Advances to- I.T. Press0
Advances to- Aeroknights Aviations Pvt. Ltd. 0
Advances to- Assam Co-Op. Apex Bank Ltd. Rs. 0.09 Lacs
Balance in Bank0
Cash in HandRs. 0.29 Lacs
General FundRs. 3.48 Lacs
Amounts payable to Candidates0
Audit Fees PayableRs. 0.05 Lacs
Expenses PayableRs. 0.11 Lacs
Advance From Corporate Infocom (P) Ltd.0
Tata Motors LTD. (Vehicle Loan)Rs. 2.89 Lacs
Advance Agst. Sale of Car0
Total Assets
Rs. 6.55 Lacs
Total Liabilities
Rs. 6.55 Lacs
By Contribution Towards Party Fund Rs. 10.42 Lacs
By Share of Membership Fees0
By Nomination Fees From Candidates (Panchayat Election Forms)0
By Contribution from Panchayat Election Candidates 0
By Deficiency for the yearRs. 3.01 Lacs
Salaries to StaffRs. 1.76 Lacs
To ConveyanceRs. 0.07 Lacs
Petrol /Diesel Charges Etc. Paid to WorkersRs. 0.17 Lacs
Printing & Stationery and Photostat Exp.Rs. 0.76 Lacs
Helicopter Hiring Charges0
Press & Publicity Exp.Rs. 3.20 Lacs
Audit FeesRs. 0.16 Lacs
Telephone & Fax ChargesRs. 0.30 Lacs
Contribution to Candidates0
Postage & Courier ChargesRs. 0.03 Lacs
Legal Expenses0
Vehicle Maintenance & HiringRs. 0.48 Lacs
Book PurchasedRs. 0.01 Lacs
Newspaper & PeriodicalsRs. 0.29 Lacs
Office RentRs. 0.96 Lacs
Entertainment ExpensesRs. 0.14 Lacs
Bank ChargesRs. 0.03 Lacs
Meetings & Conference Exp.Rs. 0.33 Lacs
Miscellaneous ExpensesRs. 0.08 Lacs
To Depreciation onRs. 1.08 Lacs
Travelling Expenses to Organisers Rs. 0.30 Lacs
Advertisement & PublicityRs. 0.62 Lacs
Electricity ExpensesRs. 0.19 Lacs
Printing of Elections Materials0
Professional Fees & Expenses0
Guests Expenses0
Taxi Hiring Charges0
Medical Aid0
Office MaintenanceRs. 0.03 Lacs
Hotel ChargesRs. 1.23 Lacs
Public Relief Work Expenses0
Aid to Poor, Widows & PatientsRs. 0.85 Lacs
Intt. On Cal LoanRs. 0.25 Lacs
To Surplus for the Year0
Total Income
Rs. 13.44 Lacs
Total Expenses
Rs. 13.44 Lacs

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